Bosch dishwasher filling with water when off

Is your Bosch dishwasher filling with water when off? This happened to my dishwasher recently and this article is about fixing it. The machine in question was a Bosch Classix SGS55C02GB but I’m sure this will apply to a whole range of Bosch dishwashers.

In my case, the problem wasn’t very obvious when the dishwasher was being used frequently. I first noticed it when we’d been away for a few days and the dishwasher hadn’t been used – the bottom of the machine had a pool of clean water in the bottom. After a short period of checking it wasn’t a one off, I set about fixing it.

I was fairly confident that my Bosch dishwasher filling with water when off was caused by a fault with the water inlet valve. It is after all the only way for fresh water to enter the machine!

Removing the water inlet valve

This job requires access to the back and sides of the dishwasher, so it was time to extract the machine from its space under the worktop. I disconnected the water and waste pipes and unplugged it from the electricity supply.

Disconnect the water inlet hose

In case it wasn’t obvious, this needs to be removed from the dishwasher altogether. I used a towel under the connection at the back of the dishwasher to catch the inevitable water leak.

Picture of Bosch dishwasher water inlet valve in situ

Unclip the inlet valve mounting plate

When you removed the water hose from the dishwasher, it was screwed onto the water inlet valve. So now we know where it is, we need to remove it. The valve is attached to a plastic plate, which is in turn held into the metal housing of the dishwasher by a plastic tab. Once this is pressed in, the plastic plate can be removed.

With the plate removed, I separated the valve from the plate.

Picture of Bosch dishwasher water inlet valve mounting plate

Disconnecting the water inlet valve

There are electrical and hose connections. The electrical connections are easy – just 2 female spade connections to remove. They will have a lock tab so pushing this back will make removal a lot easier.

Picture of Bosch dishwasher water inlet valve wiring

On to the water connection! I struggled to get my hands / pliers in to remove the hose from the valve, so I decided to disconnect the hose higher up, remove the whole assembly and then disconnect the inlet valve from the hose with everything on the bench.

I achieved this by removing the left hand side panel (as looking at the front of the dishwasher) and disconnecting the blue hose from the water inlet mechanism.

With this hose detached, I could remove the hose, water flow meter and inlet valve from the machine. The flow meter electrical connection had to be unplugged first.

Replacing the water inlet valve

With the valve and hose out on the bench it was much easier to disconnect the valve from the hose and fit the replacement. I used some pliers to hold the spring hose clips open, then slid them back up the hose whilst working on the joints.

When fitting the replacement, putting the ends of the hose in warm water can help them fit over the hose connections more easily.

This is the replacement part I used.

Once I’d fitted the new valve it was time to fit everything back together, reversing the removal procedure.

Had I fixed it? Was the Bosch dishwasher still filling with water when off?

I ran the dishwasher on a rinse cycle and then left it for as long as I could to check the replacement valve had fixed the problem. I’m pleased to report it worked and the dishwasher was fixed.

I hope this helped if you have a Bosch dishwasher filling with water when off!

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