Bosch washing machine E16 error code & door lock replacement

I had a Bosch washing machine E16 error code come up recently and this article describes how I fixed it by replacing the door lock / interlock.

Before I go any further I should say that replacing this part does not always fix the error. Sometimes the Bosch washing machine E16 error can also be caused by a fault with a circuit board. Unfortunately the circuit boards are quite expensive and may make it more cost effective to buy a replacement second hand machine than to buy a new circuit board. The broken machine can then be sold for parts to recoup some of the costs of the replacement machine.

Picture showing Bosch washing machine E16 error code

The machine featured in this article is a Bosch WAB24161GB/03. I used a genuine replacement part to fix it.

Tools required to remove the door lock and fix the Bosch washing machine E16 error

  • Long nose pliers. Mine are by Unior and have lasted very well.
  • T20 Torx key or driver of some sort. If you’re in the market for a new set, Wera are excellent.

Removing the door lock

Make sure the washing machine is unplugged from the electricity supply before you start!

Remove the door

Open the door to reveal 2 x T20 Torx screws holding the door hinge to the front panel. With the screws removed, the door and hinge can be lifted up and removed from the front panel.

Undo the door seal from the front panel

The rubber seal is held in place by a wire clip with a spring to keep it under tension. I used some long nose pliers to stretch the spring, which enabled me to pull the clip out of its groove and remove it from the machine. Make sure you don’t snag the seal!

With the clip removed, I pulled the seal out of its groove all around the front panel of the washing machine. This allowed me to get my hand inside to access the door lock.

Removing the door lock

The lock is slid into position from the right as you face the machine. As a result it also needs to be pushed towards the right hand edge of the machine to remove it (i.e. away from the drum). However it is held in place by 2 plastic tabs. I used my long nose pliers again to press both of these in whilst pushing the lock to the right with my other hand.

At this point the lock was separated from the front panel. I disconnected the wiring plug and the lock could then be removed.

Fitting the new door lock

This was fairly straightforward. I connected the wiring plug first, making sure it clicked into place.

As mentioned earlier, the door lock slides onto the front panel from the right and there is a slot on the inner (nearest the drum) edge of the lock to engage onto the metal front panel. Engage the new lock onto the front panel first, then gradually ease it into place. Eventually the 2 lock tabs will click into their respective holes and that’s the new door lock in place.

Refitting the door seal

This is probably the hardest part of the job! Refit the door seal into its groove, making sure it is seated correctly the whole way round.

Next comes the tricky bit, that being getting the seal retaining clip back in place. I try to fit it so the spring is in the same place as before (you can usually see the mark where the spring has been on the seal).

I try to get as much of the clip into position as possible, leaving the section with the spring until last. Then I use long nose pliers inserted into one of the spring mounting loops to stretch the last bit of clip and spring over the lip and into position.

Check the seal is still in place now the clip has been installed.

Refit the door

The last thing left to do is put the door back on, which involves sliding the hinge into position from the top and holding it in place with the 2 screws you removed earlier.

Bosch washing machine E16 error fixed?

Now it’s time to test your washing machine. I usually do this with an empty rinse/spin/drain program first.

It worked for me and I hope it works for you too!

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