Hello, I’m Andrew and I love fixing things.

What sort of things?  Mostly things with wheels, or a motor, or ideally both.  I also enjoy some electronics from time to time, particularly electronics projects for things with wheels or a motor.

I decided to start this website to share my fixing journeys with the world, in the hope of:

  • inspiring you to fix your own stuff
  • providing guidance and knowledge for you, based on my experiences.

I’ve learned so much from others who’ve shared their knowledge and experience online, I decided it was time I did the same.

How did I learn to fix things?

My favourite toys as a child were Lego, Meccano and remote controlled cars. I grew up in a family where making and fixing things was the norm, rather than throwing away and/or buying something new. So it was only natural that I wanted to have a go myself. As the years have gone by, I’ve learned more and more, through experience, making mistakes, reading and watching others.

I’ve recently built on my years of learning by experience with some ‘proper’ training. The subject? Electric and hybrid vehicle repair.

I hope you find something interesting and useful on here!