Welcome to Andrew Fixes

The aim of this site is to inspire you to fix things and show you how to do it.

I love repairing, building and improving mechanical and electronic things. With this website and the Andrew Fixes YouTube channel I’ll share some of my repairs with you and hopefully inspire you to have a go yourself. Or at least help you to be better informed when arranging repairs by a 3rd party.

You’ll find cars, motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles on here, along with garden equipment, tools, home electronics and remote controlled toys.

Most of the articles are categorised by the type of item being repaired, but there are also some ‘general principles’ articles in their own section. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something interesting here.


This is the largest category! As well as looking after my own cars and several cars for other family members, I also import cars from Japan. These sometimes require servicing or small repairs before sale. There will be electric hybrid vehicles in here as well as petrol and diesel power.

Nissan Leaf 6.6 kW charger

Picture showing the charge time display on a ZE0 Nissan Leaf with the optional 6.6 charger
Explaining the difference between Nissan Leaf 6.6 and 3.6 chargers, including why it matters and working out which you have.

Garden Equipment

My interest in engines started with lawnmowers, so it’s no surprise that they still feature in my fixing repertoire.

Home electronics

What do I mean by home electronics? Computers, washing machines and dishwashers are the main contenders.


This whole thing started as a YouTube channel and it’s still going strong! In fact, for brand new content, the YouTube channel is ahead of this website. Here is a selection of the most recent videos:


Cycling has been my main form of exercise since childhood, so being able to build and repair my own bicycles has been a useful skill!

3 wheels

I’ve done enough work on 3 wheeled vehicles for them to have their own category. There’s a mixture of human, engine and electric motor power in here.

Tool reviews

I can barely express in words how much I enjoy buying new tools! Here are my reviews of some of my purchases.

General principles

AKA “things I wish I’d known much earlier in my fixing career!” This section covers general topics that can apply to a wide range of fixing situations.